It’s supposed to be a party, but Steven Moffat said something misogynist.


And I’m just watching the carnage like woah. 


Hahaha this is me right now. I heard that and I was like “Wait…that’s not okay. If I don’t like that, a LOT of people are gonna flip the FUCK out.”

doctor who steven moffat MOFFAT!

Alright so I had trouble getting into Doctor Who…

Which I know, I know is a travesty. As a Sherlock fan, I have to wade through so much Doctor Who crossover that I always feel left out.

Then today I watched the first episode of Torchwood.

I had to re-start watching it multiple times because I was afraid, like Doctor Who, I wasn’t going to be that into it.

Then we met the team. And Captain Jack Harkness.

I finally get John Barrowman. And this show is pretty damn good.

Can’t wait to watch the rest of it and finally be (semi) part of the Doctor Who scene.

torchwood captain jack harkness john barrowman gwen cooper sherlock sherlock holmes moffat steven moffat russell t davies john barrowman doctor who through3dcoloredglasses through 3D-colored glasses

I have to say as an original Harry Potter obsessed fan, I haven’t seen this kind of batshit craziness in a fandom for awhile.

Or maybe it’s that I haven’t PARTICIPATED in this kind of batshit craziness for awhile.

I’m in awe. Not in a good or bad way. Just…amazement.

Harry Potter JAWN MOFFAT benedict cumberbatch cumberbitch cumberbum cumberporn fangirl fangirling godtiss harry potter hp johnlock mark gatiss martin freeman sherlock sherlock holmes sherlockian steven moffat through 3D-colored glasses through3dcoloredglasses moriarty andrew scott moriartea there's nothing wrong with me that's what people do gif gifs sherlock gif aren't ordinary people adorable