1. I’m a Phan






    THE                        THE                                              YOUR MIND







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  2. You know the chances of having a good day get better when you turn on the TV and Phantom of the Opera is on.

  3. Hahahahahahaha


    i’ll just leave this here.

  4. Rory McCann reaffirming my love for Sandor Clegane…which was already aided after watching Love Never Dies in theaters tonight.


  5. Love Never Dies review in gif form

    So I went to see Love Never Dies in theaters tonight as an early Treat Yo Self Thursday gift and celebration of the end of midterms and the beginning of Spring Break.

    The previews for other Fathom events, including the National Theatre…and Frankenstein.

    (sorry I had to)

    Forever hoping to see this show with Ramin Karmiloo and Sierra Boggess but knowing it probably won’t happen.

    Ben Lewis as Phantom.

    But he can siiiiing. So, alright I’ll buy it.

    The amazing production value and art direction of Phantasma and Coney Island.

    I really like the Meg characterization in this version but her Ooh La La girl numbers lack pizzazz. But she’s still amazing.

    I’ve always hated the styling of Madame Giry and always wish it was Miranda Richardson playing her forever.

    The less ridiculous, more realistic Raoul. Still not a Raoul fan, but I like this characterization.

    I wasn’t sold with Anna O’Byrne until she retorted, “Your Christine?” And then I knew she was a G.

    Once Upon Another Time is the most heartbreaking song EVER. I LOVE it.

    Ben Lewis’ ridiculous eyes.

    How awful Beauty Underneath would be out-of-context.

    Wishing Devil Takes the Hindmost was more theatrically compelling.

    The fact that Christine’s fate and life choices has been jockeying between two guys. The feminist in my dislikes.

    Love Never Dies gives me chills.

    The ending and all of my creys


  6. Just realized I have three versions of Phantom of the Opera in my iTunes.

    No regrets.