New exercise I propose: Take Benedict’s hands out of context… and well, you get the point. You’re welcome.

Watching his hand in the first one…

Drooling on myself…


*sobs in corner*

Oh good morning.

my day is made thank you

Fucking hell, this is back. THANK YOU.

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cumberporn cumberhands fetishization of the male form cumberbitches unite cumberbitches united

I have to say as an original Harry Potter obsessed fan, I haven’t seen this kind of batshit craziness in a fandom for awhile.

Or maybe it’s that I haven’t PARTICIPATED in this kind of batshit craziness for awhile.

I’m in awe. Not in a good or bad way. Just…amazement.

Harry Potter JAWN MOFFAT benedict cumberbatch cumberbitch cumberbum cumberporn fangirl fangirling godtiss harry potter hp johnlock mark gatiss martin freeman sherlock sherlock holmes sherlockian steven moffat through 3D-colored glasses through3dcoloredglasses moriarty andrew scott moriartea there's nothing wrong with me that's what people do gif gifs sherlock gif aren't ordinary people adorable